Back to work..

I’m currently working on pages for another offer. This one I feel will be of use to anyone and will be a free app for download on mobile. It pertains to debt relief. Which is a problem for 80% of the world population. When I started on this journey, I decided early on that I wanted to make a living helping others. I believe this project qualifies. More details soon …

Hey everyone!

“Murph” here again. I’m gonna be building this page out as I go and changing it whenever I feel the need. If for any reason you want to know more about my business and what I have to offer.  You can reach me by email here or go to my Facebook fan page using

Also soon I plan on branching out to Instagram as well. Keep a sharp eye as I will be posting slightly different content on every platform.

What’s Up world?

Hi my name is Matthew, otherwise known as “Murph”. I am starting a new business here to help others learn the skills I discovered to make an income as a freelance digital marketer.